Our Method

Elevare Communications is a strategic communications and public affairs firm that has a track record of providing successful planning, advice and support to high profile organizations and individuals who operate in very challenging, competitive and dynamic environments.

Our professionals have significant experience as advocates in the public arena.  Our principals have developed, supported and executed successful strategic communication plans for numerous non-profit organizations, private sector enterprises and individuals who seek to attain mission critical objectives in the public landscape.

With over a half century of combined experience, we work very closely with clients at every single phase of project development, to not only ensure our initiatives are focused and disciplined but also delivered to meet the demands of tight timelines and even tighter budgets.

We don’t provide cookie cutter solutions to your unique challenges.  We provide fresh strategic insight to the challenge or objective before you and do so in a manner that will not distract your organization from your other critical efforts.  Most important, when the project ends, it will be done in a fashion that seeks to enhance your brand identity and your public positioning for future efforts.

Our efforts span the realm of big and small, of statewide and local, of the need to be out in front in communities or inside your organization meeting with your employees or customers.

Turning good ideas and plans into reality takes a firm understanding the evolving public landscape, an ability to provide strategic advice on how to successfully meet those demands and a proven ability to communicate your ideas and needs in an effective manner to many audiences.

Elevare Communications exists to help you with these challenges.  It would be our honor to do so.